Welcome to my blog!

Hello friends! Welcome to The Art of Well Being. This is a place to share my writings and also artistic objects with a soulful and sustainable focus. I am approaching this site as an online "container" for my work. A place to reflect, connect, teach, and share artistic and soulful tools that have been meaningful to me on my journey.

I truly am in awe of how spiritually aligned this new website feels! It aligns a conscious business with my artistic practice, my gift of gathering soulful tools, and my desire to write and teach alongside my work.

For 10 years, I have been working at the intersection of art, food, writing, and well-being. I have been filling up journals with inspired reflections and have spent thousands of hours having deep talks with friends. After a season of fully immersing (even dissolving at times) into these practices, I am ready to distill and share some of my reflections from the journey.

It has truly been a journey of cultivation. I have been cultivating food and the land. I have been cultivating my mind and my heart. I have been cultivating artistic spaces, objects, and gatherings. Ultimately, I have been cultivating a sense of presence....an embodied experience of well-being.

I am now feeling an expansion of this daily practice. I am ready to start sharing and teaching what I have learned. As I begin teaching meditation and artistic approaches to cultivating well-being more broadly, I plan to use this blog as a place to distill what I am sharing and to offer it out in simple ways. I hope this work can bring some richness or grounding or inspiration or a little more peace to you on your journey. It is intense to be a human. But we are in this together.

When beginning any writing journey, there is always the question--who is it for?

I offer the writings of this blog first to my own soul. It is ready to write. It is ready to feel its own echo and to ground it on the page. It is ready for the mirror of being witnessed--by myself--first of all. It is also open and grateful for your witnessing and the ways that perhaps this sharing can be a mirror that helps some of us see ourselves a little more clearly.

Thank you for your love and support on this journey. As I start this endeavor, I am grateful for my own listening spirit and for my dear friends. This is for you! If it touches or supports anyone else in the process, praise be to the muses and their own wondrous plans.

Today, I start writing for my own well-being, for my own soul.


Image: Ali Lapetina