KD's Blog

  • An Artist's Statement

    I believe that we are often driven by our unfilled needs. I have spent the last ten years making spaces and moving them around, searching for something. Sitting in the tiny greenhouse on my farm this October, I realized that the something had found me.

    I am coming to see that my artistic practice has been driven by a search for a sense of well-being. Day by day, it is becoming about learning to live the work. It is becoming about being near what brings health and what brings life.
  • Welcome to my blog!

    Hello friends! Welcome to The Art of Well Being. This is a place to share my writings and also artistic objects with a soulful and sustainable focus. I am approaching this site as an online "container" for my work. A place to reflect, connect, teach, and share artistic and soulful tools that have been meaningful to me on my journey.

    I truly am in awe of how spiritually aligned this new website feels! It aligns a conscious business with my artistic practice, my gift of gathering soulful tools, and my desire to write and teach alongside my work.

  • A Listening Spirit

    “I’ve spent most of the last few years working to believe the emotional truth of my body.”

    “Yes, and the things we can do each day to feel connected to that truth, to work through trauma and pain and to heal.”

    “To feel my body near plants, full of plants; being close to what brings health and what brings life.”

    “Yes, and to make space inside for a certain kind of spirit, a listening spirit.”

    “And a spirit listening.”